We started out about 5 years or so ago, having worked in the internet industry for 20+ years we were horrified to see some of the quotes our friends were receiving to setup their new online presence. As they were smaller companies they were put off from advancing their dreams and held back from the internet and all it can do for them. Ultimately this led to them losing business as the first thing most people do these days is search locally for a trade they require, not being online these days is business suicide.

We offered to help out a couple of these friends and said that what they wanted could be achieved for less than half of what most were quoting, on this basis STO7 was born. Word spread and those friends spoke to their friends who were shocked they could get something for the same sort of price, they came to us, we did the same for them and word spread, the rest they say is history.

Our customer base is now so diverse we sometimes struggle to keep up. We have helped everyone from brick layers who didn’t believe they could have an email address on their phone (don’t laugh its true !!) all the way through to fish shops who wanted to sell online. If we throw in some car tuning garages, bakeries, landscaping & building companies along the way you start to get the idea.

What really keeps us motivated is breaking down the barriers that these people believed stopped them maximising their potential in business, we helped them into this (slowly sometimes) but they are now reaping the benefits, sales are up, quotations are now treated with respect from the right email address and not a free one, but more importantly all their businesses are growing with the support we give them.


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